Slaves of Kali, Germany’s Modern Metal/Metalcore band to release first-ever music video for “Tripping in Trenches”

After coming out swinging with their album ‘Uncharted Trails’ back in October, this December German Metalcore/Modern Metal band SLAVES OF KALI have released their first-ever music video for the track ‘Tripping in Trenches’.

A band with a do-it-yourself mentality and an aptitude for hard work, SLAVES OF KALI are no strangers bringing their thoughts and feelings to life and this latest video is proof of that. Set in a backdrop of the outdoors, the video follows the theme of the album ‘Unchartered Trails’, a real ode to how nature becomes a true escape to those who feel the weight of the world to be too heavy from time to time.

The band believes that while they are here to entertain, they also understand that heavy music can handle heavy content. While the video shows such idyllic scenery, there is no escaping the undercurrent of heaviness that reflects strongly on the state of society- something truly aligns with the metalcore philosophy.

Konrad Meyenberg – Vocals
Pascal Schmitt – Drums
Randolf Ehret – Bass
Marvin Gorecki – Guitars
Adrian Stanciu – Guitars


Slaves of Kali is a Modern Metal/Metalcore band from Berlin. Following the aim to “just play really good metal” and not being confined by any boundaries the band is combining influences of classical Metal with modern Metal genres.

Ranging from Classic Metal to so-called Nu Metal, Hardcore, and Metalcore the band combines the old and the new school of heavy guitar music to create a new representation of their all time favourite kind of music. The songs don’t follow a set roadmap. There are no restrictions. As long as the band members manage to combine their different preferences in one song, they don’t give a shit if the song ends up thrashy, corey or Nu or anything else.

In terms of content, the songs are usually not about the beautiful things of this world. Often it’s about how people, by and large, are quite a bunch of idiots taking good things and ideas and always manage to get only the bad out of them. We as humans have so much but feel poor. We are globally connected, yet often feel alone. In short, Slaves of Kalis music tells of the problems of our accelerated time, large and small.

However, if people come to a Slaves of Kali show, the band will not wait with an admonishingly raised forefinger. When the band plays live, it is primarily about creating some lightness in everyday struggle, it’s about having a good time and bringing people together again instead of separating even more. Few types of music are as well suited for this as Metal.

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