SoCal Modern Rockers Filmspeed Release “Too High”

‘Modern classic’ is the hybrid genre often mentioned in relation to SoCal’s power trio Filmspeed, and their latest release is a bullseye on target. From the opening riff, the listener is drowned in swagger with echoes of bands like The Black Crowes and Rival Sons while bluntly narrating the mental, physical and literal ‘ups and downs’ of chemical dependency.
Olivier Dobrian and Nick Stout deliver thunderous grooves and anthemic peaks while Craig Broomba’s vocals go from near scat-like execution to full-throated belting. The dynamically diverse sections in this performance highlight both the raw power and subtle finesse of a band that can, and will go anywhere the song requires. With “Too High”, soul singing, and honest storytelling meet arena rock all wrapped up in a hook-laden, fist-pumping anthem.

The band shares details about the background and production of this recording:

“We were fortunate enough to work with the talented Daniel Wonacott (Finch, Speak the Truth…, Bristol To Memory) on a few tracks last year including this one. It’s safe to say we speak a similar “language” when it comes to making records as every step of the process seemed to flow effortlessly. The inspiration for this track came about during a “networking” event while trying to read expressions from Botox addicts. When even too much caffeine can change your headspace, it’s easy to forget how common self-medicating is. Never underestimate what some folks have to take to get through their day, and never let anyone kill your vibe.”

Two parts Motown, one part Tinseltown, all parts moving. This is how Detroit power trio Filmspeed describe their intricate sound. Comprised of Craig Broomba (vocals, guitar), Nick Stout (bass, guitar), and Oliver Dobrian (drums), Filmspeed combines blood pumping anthems, melodic hooks, and soulful grooves to create a sound that is uniquely their own, as evident in their album “Hexadecimal.” The name stems on a reflection of memories and past events that tell a story from your point of view.The band explains, “[memories] always comes in bits and pieces like chopped up scenes from a movie about yourself. As more crazy things happen in this life, the more you’re living at the speed of a film; Filmspeed.”

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