Songwriter, Artist & Producer David Bray releases new single, “Nothing Left” Featuring Lorraine Reid

Toronto artist, songwriter and producer David Bray adds another powerful R&B / Neo-Soul track to his repertoire with the release of this, his newest single, “Nothing Left” — available now.
Featuring the outstanding vocals of his long-time collaborative partner Lorraine Reid, “Nothing Left” is the second single from his forthcoming album, Land of Extremes.
A follow-up to his critically acclaimed, internationally heralded and widely played previous single — and premiere preview to the new album — 2020’s “Overdue,” “Nothing Left” wastes no time to spotlight Bray’s compelling lyrical flair and ear for musical hooks once again. The song is a devastatingly sensitive take on divorce, and Reid delivers one of the finest R&B performances likely to be heard this year; she stunningly captures the heart and soul of Bray’s striking and poignant lyrics resulting in dramatic, noir imagery.
David Bray has been working for over a decade on a musical trilogy of three separate releases, of which 2016’s Night Rains was its first installment, and 2018’s Crowded Isolation its second.
Having drawn rave reviews from over 100+ radio stations around the world, one reviewer added: “The goal is to create the emotional impact of Motown/Soul with thought provoking lyrics that you wouldn’t have expected. David achieves all of this and more with Crowded Isolation, a musical feast for your ears, your heart and your soul.”
As the artistic project’s final installment, Land of Extremes picks up where Crowded Isolation’s musical range from R&B to Soul and Blues — and focus on a soul searching examination of “crowded isolation” and the challenges of urban life — leaves off. His collective discography at large has garnered extensive international airplay, as well as upwards of 200,000+ streams across platforms.
In addition, Land of Extremes continues Bray’s knack for assembling an assortment of legendary musical friends, as well as the best and brightest of today’s talent across all three albums, including Motown legend Bob Babbitt (Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder), Garth Hudson of The Band, Colin Linden (Bob Dylan, Bruce Cockburn), Gary Craig (Bruce Cockburn, Jann Arden, Tom Cochrane), Justin Abedin (Nelly Furtado, Jack Soul), and more.
The album has multi-JUNO Award winning and Platinum-selling producer and composer Chris Birkett (Steve Earle, Sinead O’Connor) on board as associate producer, and will be available via The Pangaea Music House and Under Duress Music this year.
“Nothing Left” is available now.

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