Sonic Circus release new video  “Over the Line”

Australia’s Sonic Circus have teamed up with Ghost Cult Magazine to release their video for “Over the Line”. The song is from their upcoming album “Everything” which will be out in November.

The band commented

“Over The Line is a song about letting ourselves be consumed by negativity. Everyday on the news at the moment all we see is dark times, fighting, violence and aggression. This translates over to Social Media with people turning on each other just for having different opinions and feelings towards society.
Over The Line is talking about turning off the news, disconnecting from negative Social Media and living our lives as life was intended – to have fun, be positive, dance, headbang, smile and enjoy your life! “

Watch the video: https://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-video-sonic-circus-over-the-line/

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