Sour Times releases new song “Duality”

American extreme metal band SOUR TIMES have released a lyric video for “Duality”. The track is from their upcoming release “The 11th Hour” which will be released on May 14th.
The band commented “We at Sour Times are stoked to announce the release of our first single, Duality, off of our upcoming album “The 11th Hour”. We hope it captures the fury this era seems to embody. We endeavored to show you a clear view of America today: A corporate police state where greed is the law of the land. Our populace distracted and compliantly blinded to the atrocities committed by that state in the hope that they can one day be part of the ruling class through submission. All of our society’s ills blamed on the helpless poor as swift and violent brutality is dealt to anyone who dares to resist the wickedness of the machine. Profit over people, at all costs. The song aims to serve as both observation and warning that evil continues to thrive under the indifference of decent people. We hope it hits the mark!”

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