Spurge – “Crown” [Self Release]

Spurge is a foursome formed by Jen on bass (Berklee grad, gigging musician.) Charles on guitar (gigging musician, gear head and tech wizard.) Marlon on drums (musical family, marching band, gospel, R&B.) Ben on lead guitar (gigging musician, shreddy Krueger.).
The project originally took shape in Nashville in 2013 when Jen (bass) began writing instrumental music for her amusement. In 2015 Jen had to move to Atlanta, and decided to rebuild the band, keeping the same formula. “Crown” Spurge’s latest work, takes shape on the occasion of the pandemic and is released in January 2021.

“Crown” is an atmospheric, engaging and enthralling alternative rock played well, with melodic cues that make listening fluid, embellished with more marked details that make listening more incisive. There is no lack of more energetic and biting sections that rest on a simple and linear rhythm section to create a set of full-bodied and redundant sounds. The sudden tempo changes are well assembled so as not to throw off the listening but to make it soft. “Crown” is a short but intense journey, embellished with light but punchy guitar solos, demonstrating that the band can move well in their musical environment giving the listener good positive vibes.

For those who love refined and not at all trivial sounds, with a pinch of adrenaline, then you are in the right place. TO LISTEN !!



  1. NC Flow
  2. Neumatic Weiner Tube
  3. 57
  4. A Skunk in Possom’s Clothing
  5. Furud
  6. Traveling

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