Starless band release new single & video “Circle Of Reason”

Cincinnati synth-infused metalcore band STARLESS released their new aggressive single “CIRCLE OF REASON” and its music video, which premiered exclusively on New Fury Media. Released via Spaceuntravel, the track combines thematic lyrical content, powerful vocals, and musical heaviness mixed with fervent melody, while the video adds a harsh aesthetic.

Stream “Circle of Reason”:

New Fury Media Exclusive Premiere:

“Circle of Reason depicts a struggle against those whose mindset is unmalleable, who refuse to see things from the point of view of any others. The lyrics explore how the delusions of grandeur that can accompany such a sense of self-righteousness in one’s convictions can be dangerous and destructive and of how cyclical they can be in reinforcing themselves.” – Dylan Roberts, keyboardist

“The song being recorded during the extra precautions due to the pandemic, and the unexpected snowstorm the day of the video shoot wound up helping to mold the aesthetic of the video and song in a way that aligned with the callous and unfeeling subject matter.” – Dylan Roberts, keyboardist.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Starless was born in early 2019 from the ashes of a previous project. Formed with the desire to blend influences from a diverse range of genres, they aim to create heavy music that is both palatable and thematic with unique subject matter. Brothers and guitarists Kenny and Joe Barth frame their sound with intricate guitar work and instantly recognizable riffs alongside the vocals of Walter Stefanides dancing between guttural growls and powerful clean vocals. Filling out the sound, Dylan Roberts lays out symphonic soundscapes, ear-catching interludes, and science fiction-esque synthesizers while Ethan Clifton holds the band together, himself a rhythmic machine of precision that perfectly accents the pieces he supports.

The band began playing shows shortly after their formation and have played many stages with numerous talented bands including Hollow Front, Wolves At the Gate, Settle Your Scores, and Convictions.

Starless released their self-titled debut EP on October 28th of 2019, solidifying the many directions they had each come from and those that they plan on exploring. Each song contains the elements of lofty melodic passages interchanged with brutal, driven breakdowns and riffs, however they each explore a different tone and style of song, a principle further explored in their single “Regicide” as well as their newest release “Circle of Reason”.

The new single “Circle of Reason”, which was released via Spaceuntravel on May 7th 2021 after its exclusive premiere on New Fury Media the day prior, is a fast-paced, groove-oriented track that not only pulls you in with powerful clean singing but also attacks you with aggressive screaming and ear-splitting breakdowns. These elements combined with the unique subject matter of the track bring you an experience that will have you coming back to see what Starless will do next.

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