Starlight “Under the Radar” debut Ep out now in digital format

Contemporary Lounge Rock band Starlight and its debut EP, “Under the Radar,” is now available digitally through Exquisite Noise Records (US).
Fronted by Corners of Sanctuary (COS) guitarist and producer, Mick Michaels, Starlight is a departure from what COS fans would normally expect to hear from Michaels.
“Definitely something different…and not at all Metal,” said Michaels. “For me it’s more about expanding my songwriting and playing some of the other things I hear in my head.”
Starlight Under the Radar EP cover art.jpgStarlight features Michaels on guitar, bass and keyboards, Taryn Dorothy on vocals and Corners of Sanctuary bandmate, Mad T on drums.
“Having T as the drummer for this project was the decision that pushed the whole thing to go the distance,” continued Michaels. “His inclusion made these real songs…otherwise the project would have ended up with a drum machine and me singing…and I didn’t want that.”
“Under the Radar” officially released on February 12th and is now available through Exquisite Noise records on an array of online platforms; Spotify, Deezer, iHeart, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and more.
The EP’s first single “Chasing Memories” has already been hitting the airwaves, coming in at number #6 on Australia’s Valley FM 89.9 last week and is also available as an audio video.
“Taryn’s vocals add a unique quality…giving the music its own voice,” Michaels added.

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