Sugar Horse – “III – Or” [Fat Dracula records]

A lot of people take the name Sugar Horse to be a drug reference. I suppose that’s fitting for a band that sound like the last hours of a three day binge. Darting wildly between dark/light, pain/bliss, sacred/profane, Sugar Horse are unpredictable and unrestrained.

Formed in what is now considered to be the utopian dreamscape of 2015, the band grew slowly at first. Far from fully formed, but steadily gaining limbs, heads and vital organs. Finally 2019’s DRUJ followed swiftly by 2020’s DRUGS saw them hit on a relentless stride of eclectic releases that simultaneously confused and entranced audiences.

2021 saw the band encamp in a former Lutheran church to record their debut album, The Live Long After, releasing it via Brighton’s own Small Pond Records.

2022 saw no relent from the band’s fast pace release schedule, as they put out an anthemic shoegazing single in Pictures Of Dogs Having Sex, followed swiftly by the Waterloo Teeth EP. A release that paired Sugar Horse’s terrifying eclecticism with guest appearances from twelve other artists in just four short(ish) songs.

2023 saw the demise of the universally adored Small Pond Records, and Sugar Horse decided to seize the means of production with the help of fellow commie bastard, Small Pond founder Vlad Mateikov.
…And so Fat Dracula records was born. A vehicle for the band to release their own music, on their own terms. So join the insurgency and give us your hard earned money.

“III – Or”, is a nice proposal, which shows a good technical mastery in the genre to be proposed. Energetic and gritty general sound, with an aggressive and at the same time sharp vocal line. An intense and well-constructed general atmosphere where the dynamics make listening even more compelling and exalting.

“III – Or” involves the listener by dragging him into a suggestive dimension that gives off excellent vibrations through scratchy guitars, which give a remarkable sound impact. Sugar Horse, certainly has excellent potential to be able to propose original and not at all obvious ideas, surprising the listener in a positive way, managing to give even more a beautiful injection of energy.

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