Sugarcane Hangover – “Alexander” [Self Released]

Sugarcane Hangover, is a Norwegian Sleaze/hardrock band. The band’s sound is something own. The band was started 7 years ago, but have since then, changed the line-up a few times, to end up with this diverse and rare composition of very good musicians. The band is a Hardrock band, playing with a hint of both punk and heavy, with dueling and melodic guitars, and with a female singer. The lyrics is mostly about their life experiences, written to fit in a sleaze/hardrock image.

“Alexander”, give us a concentration of heavy rhythms, evocative voices and distorted sounds. A song with a full-bodied general sound, thanks also to a voice that gives volume and grit, making listening intense and well enhanced by instruments typical of that Hard Rock sound with the addition of further details that amplify and attack the sound, making it deep, and thus creating the right dynamic.

“Alexander”, has a sound impact of remarkable workmanship a track full of energy . A brutal sound at the same time. The band moves on different dynamics and powerful rhythmic changes.

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