Summoner’s Circle – “Chaos Vector” [Blood Blast Distribution]

Third album for the Americans Summoner’s Circle entitled “Chaos Vector” to be released Friday 27th August by Blood Blast Distribution. An album that has suffered the slowdown due to a pandemic and that the band has therefore released after two years. A six-element theatrical metal style that fuses doom, death, black and progressive metal into what they call simply Epic Metal.

Power and technique are the two main ingredients that we can find in this enthralling and engaging work. A trip not recommended for the faint of heart because all the songs spray healthy wickedness and a devastating sound impact. Nine tracks where “Vessel” melodic riffs alternate with more pronounced and aggressive rhythms “The Hieropha”, all well enhanced by a scream voice that amalgamates the general and general sound of the band that turns out to be well prepared and technically above average. An album that transmits great positive vibes without overdoing it or proposing technically exaggerated structures. We are facing a fluid, dynamic and beautiful album to listen to until the last note.

Accompanying the album is a Lovecraft-style cosmic horror story written by the band in which each chapter is related to a song. This story marks a new chapter in The Lore of The Six and sets the stage for them to move forward conceptually. “Chaos Vector” was recorded by Yanic Bercier at Wavetransform Studios in Knoxville, USA. Recommended for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth and Immortal.



  1. The Message
  2. Of Black Hor
  3. Vessel
  4. The Hieropha
  5. Apostasy
  6. Chaos Vector
  7. Terminus Egr
  8. Chrysalis
  9. The Beyond

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