Superdeathflame releases new single “A Tale Of Disclosure”

Finnish melodic death metal band Superdeathflame‘s new single A Tale Of Disclosure is a song about a person who is closed in his shell and hides his true self inside. What happens when a person really opens up? This is a tale of disclosure. The song carries the story along like a train on its tracks. This one is a blast!

Listen to the single on music services: https://push.fm/fl/sdf-atod

From Southern Finlands gray landscapes rises SUPERDEATHFLAME, the Style-Masters-of-Metal ready to conquer the world with our mature and melodic music that catches the ear. Founded in 2007 and released two full length albums and a batch of singles. Their songs are made for listener, no bullshit. The songs are hard, every piece tells a real story of life. The foundation, the Four Pillars of our Metal are Rock solid guitar riffs and punchy drumbeats coloured with flowing synths and world class choruses that are infectiously catchy. Superdeathflame is building their music with an increasingly determined focus to make every song sound simple and easy to a listener. Not forgetting multidimensional interpretation in the lyrics, that gives “the deep” to the songs.

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