Sweeping Death – “Tristesse” [Self Release]

Third release for the German Sweeping Death titled “Tristesse”. A short, intense Ep, with a decidedly devastating sound impact.

In this new release you can appreciate energetic dynamics with an atmosphere whose build gives a general sound full of adrenaline. The intertwining of the instruments makes it clear immediately that the band does not go into any kind of sonic compromise, creating something absolutely forbidden for the faint of heart. From a shiny and fast rhythm section like a train to a section of guitars that scratch the atmosphere all well blended with a vocal line that enhances and strengthens the sound.

The number 3 as a constantly recurring concept in nature and philosophy is the anchor point of ‘Tris + esse’ -> pun lat. for the threefold being. And English / French for the sadness.
A progressive Heavy metal that fans of bands like Tribulation, Opeth, Dissection will not find it hard to appreciate and maybe even all those who are looking for damn dark sounds and with an adrenaline index, above average.



  1. The World As Will
  2. Alter The Rift
  3. Sublime Me

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