Swiss Hard Rock Act Shakra premieres music video for new single “The Way It Is”

Since there is a green light for concerts all over the world again, Swiss hard rock act SHAKRA also floods the social media with photos of huge open air stages all over Europe, in front of thousands of people. And yet it seems that the five-piece has skipped something compared to other bands – where is the new album, is there something happening?

Since the “grand opening, the market has been literally overrun with new record releases, created during lockdown period, only SHAKRA seem to be once again taking different paths and immediately thrown themselves straight back into the live arena. But who is familiar with the band, knows that actually nothing ever happens by pure accident.

After SHAKRA released their new album “Mad World” shortly before the pandemic hit the earth, any live activities had to be cancelled again or partly postponed. Conscious of their duty, as the Swiss are, they immediatly started to get back into the ring and began to play shows, long awaited by their fanbase, and more powerful and intense than ever.

Just recently, the band released a brand new song, entitled “The Way It Is”, and a music video is now available! “I had this song idea that had been floating around in my head forever and it just had to come out,” says Thomas Muster, rhythm guitarist. “We thought the song was so awesome that we just had to record it!” adds Mark Fox, vocalist of SHAKRA. When asked if there is even a whole album in the making, the band keeps a low profile. It is what it is – “The Way It Is”.

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