SYN ZE ŞASE TRI To Release New Album “Ultimul Lup” Via Code666

The fifth epic opus from Transylvanian metal warriors SYN ZE ŞASE TRI, Ultimul Lup will be unleashed on September 30th, 2022 via Code666. A ground-breaking album, strongly inspired by the bloody myth of the Ancient Dacian Legends from their motherland Transylvania, Ultimul Lup is a Grandiose Pagan Black Metal offering with folk and traditional influences. 

SYN ZE ŞASE TRI unveil an epic fury of fast paced metal, gothic choirs and demonic vocals across their dark atmospheric sound. The gentle opening of “Din Om Neom” temporarily offers a false sense of safety before manifesting the nightmares of the abyss. Riff fuelled, incredibly melodic, deeply textural across the instrumentation layers. A wide variety of orchestral instruments are woven through the extreme metal sounds which combine to deliver a hugely impressive impact. Cinematic sound effects in the theatrical “Urgiseala” bring the themes of the album to life. The theatrical elements continue with thunder and war cries present in “Osanda Procletenie” which lead into high speed, restless metal. SYN ZE ŞASE TRI also explore dynamic vocals with ethereal female operatic vocals contrasting with guttural savage harsh. The title track “Ultimu Lup” sees a dissonant mood emerge through eerie strings, guitars and piano parts. “Negru” brings a haunting conclusion with orchestral instruments gently awakening and building into an compelling full sound that summons both the dark and the light.

Ultimul Lup exudespowerfully emotive and intense with disquieted undertones. SYN ZE ŞASE TRI’s compositions are beautifully designed to explore the legends of their home bybring to life the narratives in breath-taking forms. 

Watch the video for the title track here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uxv9XUJMsEI


The band, SYN ZE ŞASE TRI, was formed in 2007 by Alex “Corb” Mihai who was inspired tell the history and myths of Transylvania through music. Focusing on the figure of the warrior, the band started to compose the first songs about their ancestors predominantly the way of the Dacian warriors and their beliefs, gods, prayers and last days. The band name itself – SYN ZE ŞASE TRI – means ‘I’m with triple six’, but not in the satanic way. Here 666 refers to the supreme number, a limit between the human world and the world of the gods, in ancient mythology. SYN ZE ŞASE TRI signed with Italian label Code666 for the release of debut album Intre Doua Lumi‘ (Between Two Worlds). Recorded in Negură Bunget’s studio with Hupogrammos and Sol Faur (ex NEGURĂ BUNGET, now in DORDEDUH) as sound engineers, Intre Doua Lumi was released by Code666 in 2011. After several successful albums and tour, the band is now ready to unveil the fifth Chapter of their Transylvanian Legacy: Ultimul Lup.

Alex “Corb” Mihai – guitar & vocals
Istvan “Moș” Lengyel – guitar
Dan Tarcea – bass guitar
Paula Gherasim – keyboards & violin
Andreea Vlaicu – vocals, keyboards & pan flute
Dragoș “Dadu” Tigaeriu – vocals
Florin ”Șuier” Costăchiță – vocals
Mihai “Lycan” Deliu – vocals
Mihai Pușcașu – drums

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