Terminal Dusk release lyric video for haunting track “Everdark”

TERMINAL DUSK have unveiled a new lyric video for the haunting and heavy “Everdark”. The song delivers an enthralling combination of dramatic orchestral strings, thundering guitar rhythms and dynamic vocals, and is taken from the band’s latest EP, Marionette

The band comments:

“Everdark’ is a song about deep personal struggles and the limited time we have while alive and being forgotten after we are gone. Lyrically and musically dark, the song was originally written instrumentally in 2018 by Matt Bellmore and Andy Green on vocals and lyrical duties. That version of ‘Everdark’ was never released due to band fall out as result of the pandemic. Finally, in 2022, ‘Everdark’ resurfaced and was pitched to Charlotte. She crafted lush and memorable vocal melodies over the existing lyrics with collaboration with Andy and thus, ‘Everdark’ was officially birthed.”

Watch the lyric video for “Everdark” here: https://youtu.be/efpnokxn_LM?si=zdP4ig1-T_QbCTTR
Hailing from Portland, Oregon, symphonic metal band TERMINAL DUSK has been bringing their ethereal melodies to stages around the area, enchanting new fans everywhere they perform. The project began in early 2020 with multi-instrumentalist songwriter Matt Bellmore who began collaborating with classically trained singer and vocal arranger Charlotte Bichler. Joined by Kevin Lake on guitar, Roya Hellbender on bass, and Shawn Bayer on drums, watch as this this five-person group unleashes their singular, symphonic sound and continues to enthrall more and more audiences by the month. Step inside and witness history as it is being written.

Since becoming a full band, TERMINAL DUSK has gained momentum both by releasing several songs and performing live. Their new EP Marionette showcases their ability to blend sweeping orchestra and blistering metal. Sergio Salvucci of the band ANARIA has been working closely with the band on both the songs and the music video for the title track.

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