“The Giant Baba” sign for Wanikiya Record

Wanikiya Record is pleased to present the band “The Giant Baba” who enter the roster , with their latest single “The Wormhole” and is preparing for an extraordinary work full of enormous satisfaction! 
Meanwhile, below, some details, both of the band and the musical project! 
The band formed in June 2018 when. Ace (Giorgio Pierri, guitarist, composer, guitar teacher) and 
Jason Jackson (guitarist composer & producer); two friends & two music listeners who love post Djent, post  metalcore, ProgMetal and, in general, of experimental music  decide together to create a unique musical experience The  Giant Baba.
In August of the same year they meet Emanuele Cossu Multifaceted and virtuous drummer who completes the formation.
Their goal is to take the sounds of 8-string guitars  (a mix between baritone and medium/high tones) join them to a rhythmic section rhythmic section (drums) jazz rock / post-metal and mix everything with the in order to give the feeling of going through a musical black hole and catapult the listener into sidereal environments post futuristic, without time, logic, rules…. Worlds parallel worlds made of reverberations, delays, distortions, polyrhythms and  virtuosities, space dreamcore sounds that will accompany the listener  the listener / traveler in this interstellar crossing and lead him into the visionary world of  and lead him into the visionary world of The Giant Baba that awaits you at the  the border of the musical unknown to indicate new unexplored routes unexplored to follow in the infinite space of music.
HomeComing Is the result of an intense year of musical activity between jam,  composition, experimentation and live around the clubs of Milan.
The Giant Baba presents his first single HomeComing  which precedes the release of the first Ep official Milanese band that  which bears the name of the single.
A homecoming understood as freedom from conventional canons and space in the composition  spatiality in the composition; free rein to virtuosity mixed with melody; a melody; a constant crescendo that crosses harmonic suspensions harmonic free jazz / fusion mixed with rhythm and tight wall of distortion typical of guitars distortions typical of 8-string guitars that summarize the imaginary world of  the imaginary world of The Giant Baba.

The Giant 
Sagittarius A*
The Wormhole
2021 sees the debut of 3 singles from the band. 
The genre remains faithful to the virtuosity but not conventional in the 
writing; the environments become colder as you enter the deepest space and 
deeper space and stands out a more aggressive vein in the 
rhythms and parts.
The three Singles are, moreover, linked together by a common thread :
the written and narrated story of The Giant Baba to which are associated some 
content video / photos that explain the journey of the Giant ….
(Small excerpt)
In the Year 2021 The earth is in the grip of chaos. 
“Mankind is a slave to its own ideals and evolution;  the illusion of a society that preaches prosperity as a form of development has blinded human beings to beauty, deaf to the call of nature, unable to hear the the call of nature, incapable of feeling sensations and sentiments towards each other… towards each other… and…. we have sacrificed reason for control, for power!”

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