“Lie, Pt.1” is the new album of the Italian band The Mothman Curse, a very varied album in terms of themes. Something strong both musically and lyrically. We go from songs about everyday anxieties and fears to talking about hatred and anguish. Of nightmares and creepypasta and awareness.

The band puts on the plate a portentous album, with warlike sounds whose granite sound and pounding riffing reach our auditory system with an impact really full of energy and given the proposal it couldn’t be otherwise.

“Hate!”, “DeathRaw”, “Screaming”, are the songs that have recorded the most during listening, but it is difficult to sort through this record which perhaps should be listened to as if it were a single song, a single piece, which draws a well-defined sound trajectory.

An album with a rocky and magmatic identity at the same time. with the imperative to listen to it several times to try to understand those details that would intrigue lovers of a certain metal that can be related to that of the famous Meshuggah, Mastodon, if we really have to compare them to someone we know…

So don’t miss this latest album by The Mothman Curse who are as always a guarantee, a guarantee of listening to truly daring metal