The Multitude – “Reveries in the Magic Hour” [Ghost Record]

The Multitude are a London-based global progressive-melodic rock project which originated in Bangalore, India. The band’s music involves a complex melange of neo-classical elements layered onto harmonic soundscapes. ‘The Multitude’ is a pluralistic concept of many ordinary people acting in unison, harnessing music and the arts to script alternative worldviews and to freely challenge oppressive, orthodox, unjust and dominating systems. Drawing from this conceptual wellspring, The Multitude aims to fuse a textured musical experience with thought-provoking stimuli and a view to creating a synergy with diverse audiences. The band believes in making meaningful music, breaking conventions and lyrical barriers, and addressing multifaceted globally relevant themes and issues.

The band offers us a full-bodied alternative rock over the course of nine tracks, with a consistent flow, thanks to a strong vocal line, thus making this journey intense.
The line followed for the creation of this album also highlights softer sounds so as to give a good dose of dynamism, an essential ingredient to make listening smooth and engaging.

There is certainly no lack of energetic sound impact, where the sounds flow together to create a dark and well-set sound, despite the rhythm section being simple and without too many technicalities, further testimony that the band manages to propose varied and innovative rhythmic solutions, without take nothing for granted. The sounds adopted so far create something extremely pleasant and original.

“Reveries in the Magic Hour” is a punch in the stomach that cannot be avoided, a torrent full of alternative rock that overwhelms us and drags us along with its impetus, and which at the same time manages to be soft and delicate. Good performance for this band that already seems to have clear ideas on the path to follow.

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