The Nearlies – “Ghost Rock” (Self Release)

Band active since 2008 and of French origin. The Nearlies trio releases the new album “Ghost Rock”, a hybrid between Rock and Ghost Rock. The eight tracks contained in this album bring the mind back to pleasant sounds that can be traced back to The Shadows and Motörhead even if you feel that the most incisive and decisive ideas are all from The Nearlies.

A rough overall sound, with the guitars that scratch the atmosphere and highlight an incisive vocal line that rests its foundation on a simple rhythm section but with an effective sound impact. “Granny B”, “Volture”, some of the tracks where the slow and rhythmic alndamneto manages to warm the atmosphere thanks to its deep vibrations that make the overall sound a perfect combination of power and determination.

The determination of this French trio to want to leave an indelible mark on the history of music, which listening to this work shouldn’t be really difficult.



  1. Granny B
  2. Two Wrongs
  3. Vultures
  4. Hill of False Hope
  5. Tango Fiction
  6. Pinjata
  7. Two-Twenty
  8. Angel Sometimes

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