The new Brazilian sensation, All Is Allowed, bets on the combination of modern and classic in its debut album

The Brazilian Modern Rockers based in São Paulo, All Is Allowed, the band that opened the successful Brazilian tour of the american’s stone rockers Red Fang in May, have recently released their first album entitled “#341” on physical CD.This album consists of the combination of their two previously released official EPs – “Into The Storm” (2021) and “Just Keep Walking” (2022) – plus an unreleased and exclusive track only for the CD version called “The Watcher”.“The Watcher” tells us about the owner of everything. The one who is not there in the universe, an opponent at his height, a silent being that we can see in the passage of time. The famous ‘silent click of time’, which one day will come for everyone. And, for this reason, we must wake up to the ‘now’…”, commented Frank Santos (vocals).Listen to “Into The Storm” at https://sptfy.com/allisallowed_intothestormListen to “Just Keep Walking” at https://sptfy.com/allisallowed_justkeepwalkingCheck out the strangeness of the hit “As Cold As Hell” (with a great music video), the beautiful melody in the middle of the organized chaos in “A Ghost Of Myself”, or the fury, with airs of Pantera and Black Label Society, in the incredible “Sheets And Cigarettes” to prove all the power of the group.
Music Video – “As Cold As Hell” – https://youtu.be/3vGA98GZ458Directly from the city of Campinas, São Paulo, All Is Allowed masterfully shows a comprehensive sound that mixes in a modern way, all the influences based on the classic years of Rock, with their own personality that any fan of heavy music will really enjoy.
In “#341”, in addition to the care in the production, there is a current sound approach that easily navigates through various strands of heavy metal, hard rock, grunge and southern rock, always promoting a meeting between the old and the new. The rhythmic variations and their intricate arrangements were created in a natural and organic way so that the great hooks generated by the sticky melodies of Frank Santos (ex-Henceforth) were their flagship.And it’s not only the sound mass that All Is Allowed cares about, because their lyrics are other strong points for being wrapped in a connected universe, expressing concern with the evolution of the human being.All Is Allowed is currently formed by Frank Santos (vocals), Guto Aielo (drums, ex-Orckout) and Felippe Benassi (guitar), but is looking for a bass player in parallel to the pre-production phase of their new material, which will be taken charge by renowned Brazilian musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fabiano Negri.
Track listing:Rock Bottom
Before You Give Up
The Watcher
As Cold As Hell
The Present Moment
A Ghost Of Myself
Sheets And Cigarettes
Those Ones We Need To Kill Everyday

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