THE TONGUE OF EDEN have unleashed their second single “Stone Burner”. The track is a commentary on the hardened pathways created in the mind by religious indoctrination, and the fortitude required to carve a new path.

 Check it out HERE.

The new release features the band’s take on synthwave’s ‘outrun’ style while still maintaining their dark metal roots. THE TONGUE OF EDEN will continue to release singles in 2023 in the lead up to their debut album Fallow. THE TONGUE OF EDEN’s sound draws inspiration from the likes of PERTURBATOR, IGORRR and BEHEMOTH. “Stone Burner” unleashes a fury of high-octane synths, demonic harsh vocals and atmospheric synths, with blast beats thrown in for good measure. 

THE TONGUE OF EDEN is a metal and EDM hybrid group created, composed, performed, engineered, and produced by Eric Park (WROUGHT OF OBSIDIAN, A DEVIL’S DAYDREAM, and EX-DEVOURMENT), and Ian Nizialek (YSA). Their heavy, hard-hitting, fast and grinding metal flows seamlessly underneath a soundscape of cutting synth melodies, thematic orchestrations, rhythmic dance grooves, and visceral vocals. “Stone Burner” follows the band’s first single “Reprehensible” released back in March of this year.