Them Guns release new single ‘Dark Side’, out on 31st October on Golden Robot Records

THEM GUNS release new single ‘Dark Side’, out on 31st October on Golden Robot Records.
The single’s available for airplay now. 

Dark Side‘ is the second song Them Guns have released in anticipation of their upcoming album, due in 2023. This track was written by Navarone Garcia andspeaksabout how everybody has a side of them that they don’t show the rest of the world. How everybody has a secret, or a vice.

Pre-order/add/save link: https://bfan.link/them-guns-dark-side

Brilliance does not happen overnight. THEMGUNS, a synth rock band with dance evoking progressive sounds (forming pre-covid) have managed to sustain not only their unique array of high-quality musical content, but also embody a much deeper bond, -a friendship in fact. A long-time friendship that formed as far back as the mid 1980’s, when two of the band members had a chance meeting as kids.
Between the band’s charismatic lead singer / guitarist Navarone Garcia, and iconic keyboardist / drummer, Kyle Hamood, there was a chemistry between these two California natives from the very start. Their fate began as young boys where they met in a pool, while on holiday in Hawaii. They had no idea this chance meeting would lead to a convergence of talents, blossoming from friendship to fantastical band 20 years later. That recipe would not be complete without one additional ingredient – the astounding bass player and California native, Chuck Holiday. Together this revolutionary trio have formed, along with their own unique influences, what the world should know asTHEMGUNS.
The connection between the band members runs deep. Chance happenings frequently occur amongst these guys, such as Navarone having an idea one night when lyrics came to him in a dream for a song. The same night he wrote them down, Kyle had an idea for a melody to a song. Neither knew the other’s idea until the following day when mentioned on the phone. Kyle and Chuck played the melody to Navarone’s lyrics, and magic happened. The music fit perfectly with the words.
Whether coincidence or deeper connection, their dynamic spirit continues to create a variety of ever evolving and alluringly progressive sounds. Their eclectic style, although completely unique in their own right, can be deemed a blend of influences from sounds like LCD Sound System, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Tool, Faith No More, Korn, Ghost, Slipknot and Deadsy. Perfectly orchestrated, influential, and cinematic, THEMGUNS is simply tantalizing to watch and hear. The hip new melody of explosive dance synth rock will blow your mind.
 If that doesn’t thrill you, then their alluring nature and naturally aesthetic style will captivate your soul. THEMGUNS have succeeded in forming a loyal following with sell-out performances across the globe, amassing fans of kin along the way.

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