This is EllE , creating jewelery is another creative art that has recently taken hold in my life

“This is EllE” is an Italian singer/songwriter. She comes out of the blue, from nowhere, from a past that we won’t write much about, because we believe that it makes no sense to talk about what has been, misleading the present and, more than anything else, because we believe the past has no life at all! Her voice represents exactly what she is: two sides of the same coin where one cannot live without the other, the night and the day chasing each other in 24 hours of a day.

After years of music, she finds peace in this solo project which includes a bit of what has been her journey so far, internal and external, of her artistic and personal life. Everything before this moment, helped “This is EllE” to get here, where she is now. The numerous live shows and recording experiences, in Italy and abroad, every single meeting with various musicians and producers, marked and influenced her life. Everything she does is completely self produced, from sound to video, together with her irreplaceable adventure’s companion Matteo Petacca.

The 5th of January 2024 she released a revisited version of Pink Floyd’s masterpiece “High Hopes”, that marked the beginning of a new chapter of her music.
The 31st of May she will release “GOLD”, her first original song linked to High Hopes and to all it will come next.

This will be a proper journey in the human being existence… will you be brave enough to walk into this path? A path full of energy, emotions, joy, pain and everything that can be mentioned when you really give all that you can until the end, an end which is just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of This is EllE’ life’s book.

Musicwebzine – Could you tell our readers about the band what makes you different from other artists?
This is EllE –
I think every artist is different from others. My music, my voice and my style will never be the same as another singer. So I can’t really say there is One thing that makes me different, because I am different in everything, like we all are!

Musicwebzine – How did you become involved in this crazy world of music?
This is EllE –
ahahahahah actually I was very very little, I was around 3 years old and I remember, in the car, I always asked to my father to put music instead of fairytales. I wanted to
listen to Gianna Nannini’s music, a very popular Italian singer, and I imagined to be up on very big stages surrounded by 20 dancers and a big crowd screaming for me!

Musicwebzine – Who are your musical inspirations and what was the inspiration behind your sound?
This is EllE –
There are so many, it is perhaps impossible for me to list them all since I truly listen to an infinite variety of music and my ideas come from different genres, even very
different ones. I can certainly mention Pink Floyd, who for me are and will always be the magicians of emotions put into music. And then Coldplay, Aurora, all the 70s rock artists, some metal, and many many many others!!

Musicwebzine – What are your interests outside of music?
This is EllE –
Jewellery, creating jewelery is another creative art that has recently taken hold in my life. I have this thing that if I don’t find anything I like around, instead of giving up and buying what doesn’t represent me, I make it myself. And so I started working with lost wax to create jewellery. It’s wonderful!!! As far as books are concerned, those on personal growth and spirituality have priority over everything for me, when I have time I read and I am very interested in my interiority and in understanding who we really are and what we are doing here, for me it is a fundamental research, without which Life would probably lose so much of its charm!

Musicwebzine – Tell us about the new song?
This is EllE –
My latest release is called Gold, it’s about all the things that made us believe to be fundamental in our life, things like money, success, fame, material goods… things that will have to stay here once one day we’ll have to leave this life. We give much importance to superficiality instead to study our inner self and nurture it in a proper way with love, beauty and kindness. Those are the real important things in life.

Musicwebzine – Where was the song recorded who produced it and how long did the process take?
This is EllE –
Me and Matteo Petacca (my partner in crime) wrote, produced and recorded this song, and this happens with all the songs released under my name, This is EllE. As soon as we finish the creative and recording process we bring all our works to our sound engineer Lucio De Angelis, that literally makes the magic happen

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