Thy Dispraise sign for Ghost Record Label

Thy Dispraise Metalgroover band from Tehran (Iran) sign for Ghost Record Label. The band, will release two new singles, before the official release of the album (Soon more details).

09th January – “The Unknown”
23rd January – “Post-ending Life”

Abtin Zahed is the founder of Thy Dispraise band. He started the band in 2012, Thy Dispraise has 4 singles for now but (The darkest heart 2015 , Sullen 2020 ) are the famous singles and after sullen Abtin started a new album.the album has finished with this new line up.

Abtin Zahed (Composer , Guitarist)
Sheyda Mohammadi (Female vocalist)
Alireza Shafiei (Male vocalist)
Mohamadreza Rezaei (Guitarist)
Mohammad Mirboland (Drummer)


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