Titan Rage to release new single “Terrorizer” On July 18, 2022

Raging out of Northern California, TITAN RAGE deliver metalcore with a difference. Their sound is a distinctly from the San Francisco Bay Area, and sees elements of Thrash, Metallic Hardcore and even Deathcore bleed through the outfit’s music. 

Drawing from an array of non-musical influences, the band’s name. TITAN RAGE, is based loosely off of the members’ collective love of Anime/Manga and Warhammer 40K. “Terrorizer” unleashes a ferocious attack of powerful rhythms, deliciously devilish harsh vocals and thundering percussion. Igniting a dark, brooding atmosphere, TITAN RAGE bring energy, high impact and a synthesis of inhuman sounds. Playing with the dynamics across the track, “Terrorizer” takes a number of unexpected twists and turns, keeping you on your toes throughout. 

The new track entwines together multiple crowd pleasing aspects of heavy music. Balancing the constituents from more traditional metal subgenres, with those from the more recent arrivals, along with TITAN RAGE’s own individual edge, is no easy task and yet the quintet have produced a thrilling composition. 

“Terrorizer” will be out on July 18th.

Jeff Temple: Drums
Brad Temple: Guitar
Brian Glenn: Guitar
Brandon Hunt: Vocals
Michael Buelna: Bass

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