Tour-Maubourg’s debut album “Paradis Artificiels” out now

There is with Tour-Maubourg an eternal desire to translate the feeling of love into music. After several EPs released in France on Pont Neuf, FHUO (ie. Folamour’s label), as well as Happiness Therapy or in England and Germany on FINA and Salin, the Belgian producer expatriated in Paris unveils his debut album, Paradis Artificiels. Tour-Maubourg refers to French poet Charles Baudelaire’s, to whom he links his melancholy music, who wrote: “common sense tells us that the things of the earth exist very little, and that the true reality is only in the dreams”.
If the producer’s first EPs were mainly focused on club music, Paradis Artificiels oscillates between the atmospheres that made the success of his previous releases and those of a studio album. Composed of eight electronic tracks imbued with downtempo and house sounds, always flirting with the jazz sounds that have made the producer’s touch, this debut album invites us on a journey in the lineage of St Germain, Massive Attack or Nicolas Jaar.
For 3 years, Tour-Maubourg has not ceased to attract the praise of its peers and the support of a growing audience. The one who was described by Trax Magazine upon the release of his 1st EP in 2017 as being “one of the most promising Parisian producers” is now revealed as “the flagship of French house” (Tsugi), making him one of its best current representatives.

Tour-Maubourg – Paradis Artificiels LP
(Pont Neuf Records)
≈ Available on vinyl & digital ≈

  1. La Révolte du Coeur
  2. Diffraction Rythmique
  3. Saint Thé à la Menthe
  4. L’Invitation au Voyage
  5. Ode To Love
  6. Le Vol du Corbeau
  7. Inaptitude
  8. Les Mots

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