Trumbiten – “Out” [Self Release]

Originally from the city of Luleå in northern Sweden, “Out” is the new Ep of the dynamic metal duo Trumbiten. The project takes shape in 2018 as a cover band and then moves on to the drafting of original material, drawing influences from classic heavy rock and traditional metal, TRUMBITEN’s music is fast, with high energy and epic guitar riffs.

“Out” is a four-track EP, fast, dynamic, with a surprising firepower, as well as surprising is the ease with which the band juggles the genre they propose in these four songs, giving a remarkable sonic impact. The guitars cut the atmosphere well amalgamated by a technical rhythm section that gives an excellent support to the cause, generating a full-bodied sound full of energy. The dynamics of the Ep is completed with an aggressive vocal line, which at times reminds Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), but not without originality.

The new EP explores the difficulties of life and the feeling of being trapped in oneself, or in bad company, or in difficult situations and the desire to go out and break free to find self-confidence and confidence. A proposal that can be listened to easily and with the right amount of power

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