U.S. Trad-Metal Force Entierro release Lyric Video for “Walk Away”

Traditional heavy metal band ENTIERRO have released a lyric video for “Walk Away,” a track from new album, The Gates of Hell. The video is available at youtu.be/bDNL3Wn1V7g

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The Gates of Hell not only marks a return to the studio where they recorded their self-titled full length album, but also introduces a new period for the band, as this incarnation of the unit has grown into a solid force in songwriting

and collaboration.

Most bands take time to grow into their own sound. For ENTIERRO, this growth has become more evident on their forthcoming release, The Gates of Hell. Building on the momentum of their previous offering, El Camazotz, the band has refined their sound and continues to create their own musical identity within the world of traditional heavy metal. 

While many bands seem to continually rehash the work of those that came before them, on The Gates of Hell, ENTIERRO have put more focus into a version of this artform that is all their own. While still borrowing influence from such luminaries as Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate and Rainbow, the band has expanded their palette to also reflect a more melodic direction than they have in the past. This brings the ENTIERRO twin guitar attack of Victor Arduini and Christopher Begnal into a new light, exploring longer harmony lines and really pushing a new melodic sense to the forefront of their songwriting. The same can also be said for vocalist Christopher Taylor Beaudette, whose performance is far more varied and explorational than on El Camazotz. Of course, laying down the structural foundation for all of this to happen is drummer Dave Parmelee, who continues to push the band with his driving rhythms. This, in conjunction with their already punishing old-school metal style, brings their collective sound into new sonic territory and further illustrates the development of their own distinctive style as a unit. The Gates of Hell have opened and unleashed a more mature and focused sound for one of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal’s most exciting new bands.

The Gates of Hell was recorded at Dexter’s Lab Studio under the watchful eye of engineer Nick Bellmore.


Christopher Taylor Beaudette (Kings and Liars, Kingdom of Sorrow/Jasta)

– Lead Vocals and Bass 

Victor Arduini (Arduini/Balich, Ex-Fates Warning, Freedoms Reign)

– Guitar and Backing Vocals

Christopher Begnal – Guitar and Backing Vocals 

Dave Parmelee (One Master, Sperm Donor, NightBitch) – Drums

Track Listing:

1.The Gates of Hell

2. Walk Away

3. Vencerán

4. The Lords of Rock and Roll

5.Under The Eye

6. Umibozu

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