UK Symphonic Folk Metal Clan Bring To Bear revealed second new single “Time To Burn” with video

Bring to Bear band members:

Izabela Smyt – lead vocals
Ian Tarboton – accordion, keyboards, growling
Hristo Nikolov – guitar
Nikiforos Rotas – guitar
Richard Knight – bass
Simon Jones – drums

A powerful start with a tense anticipation is followed by a single growled word – “IGNITE”. Guitar leads the way with a strong riff before drums and bass kick in for the verse. “BURN” is the call with growls, answered by the sweet tones of clean female vocals. The chorus follows, giving more space to the clean vocals with support from accordion and the power of the metal pack.
The chorus is followed by a playful accordion instrumental like flames dancing, before going back to the call-and-response verse. The second chorus is doubled, reinforcing the message, and ends with the title phrase “It’s time to burn” as the powerful intro comes back heralding the breakdown.
The breakdown is big and seems to have a magnetic pull that gets the listener to head bang with it. Growls return over the breakdown like flames roaring, leading the way to the guitar solo. The solo ends with a feeling of release into the bridge, like the passion spoken of through the lyrics being set free.
The final chorus is followed by an accordion solo and a reintroduction of the dancing flames instrumental with guitars and accordion harmonising this time.
The song’s lyrics are about the passion we feel inside us, the fire within that gives us meaning. We can feel it inside, a powerful force when it is unleashed. It’s time to follow the passion and let the flames rise up within. It’s time to burn.

Bring to bear is a symphonic folk metal band from the UK, on an adventure of making metal with meaning and looking to inspire others along the way. The idea came to life during lockdown in May 2020 by long-time friends and bandmates Hristo Nikolov and Ian Tarboton. They quickly put together their first material and set about expanding the clan. One by one the band came together, each with the same desire and a unique set of skills and stories.
Bring to Bear combines the ethereal tones of lead singer Izabela Smyt with the harsh growls of keyboard-accordionist Ian Tarboton, using the raw power of drummer Simon Jones as the backbone for a solid metal pack comprising guitarists Hristo Nikolov and Nik Rotas, and bassist Richard Knight. Guitars swap between lead and rhythm, often play-fighting with accordion, to create strong melodies and plenty of opportunities to head-bang.
Bring to Bear seeks authenticity and meaning through music that gives a feeling of adventure, discovery, and courage. They love the adventure of going after their dreams and inspiring others to do the same. For Bring to Bear this is the music, but what will their music inspire you to do?
The debut EP, Light and Shadow, contains three songs and was released on 08 October 2021. Two singles followed this – Rising Tide, released on 04 March 2022, and Time to Burn, released on 27 May 2022.

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