Ulvand – “The Origins” (Self Release)

Ulvand is a French band that offers rock and metal influenced by dark sounds and which have many influences deriving from electronic music. This first ep “The Origins” is an excellent business card to introduce oneself to the listeners: the whole disc contains great and well-made songs, and all the songs have an enveloping and full of pathos atmosphere that involves from the first listens and that then gradually with the following listenings this atmosphere takes more and more the upper hand, thanks also to a really brilliant songwriting and that has in the singer Beran a real pawn that can prove to be the winning weapon in more of this formation. Guitars lowered in tuning and touches of powerful beats manage to complete a truly interesting and successful product. Ulvand, therefore, on the first album manage to reach our hearts and prove to be very professional and prepared, so all that remains is to listen to this band and support it for the next moves it will make. A really nice debut, this “Origins”, congratulations!

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