V/Haze Miasma, release official video Hubris Redux from Nebula EP

V/HAZE MIASMA released the second video from their EP “Nebula” which was released on Januray 7th digital and will be released as a limited DIGI Pack CD via Supreme Chaos Records on February 25th. Pre-Order the EP here: https://scrmetal.de/de/shop/cds/v-haze-miasma—nebula-ep–digi-.html

“Hubris Redux” is the unforeseen reissue of the original track from “agenda:endure” (2020). Like the calm breeze after a raging storm. No guitars, no drums, no shouts. Instead, hymnically played keys in the guest appearance of DRIF.T, accompanied by passionate clean vocals of SHINE. The song “Hubris Redux” is taken from the “Nebula” EP. Melancholic. Aesthetic. Cold. V/HAZE MIASMA strike back spectacularly on the current “Nebula“ EP! Even rawer than on the debut „agenda:endure“ (2020) but likewise crushing, versatile and pleasant. It´s a beast not to be dislodged, somewhere between progressive, post, and black metal. “Nebula“ consists of two brand-new Miasma tracks plus this hymnic piano version of the debut track „Hubris“.
Supporters of Solstafir, Long Distance Calling, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Ghost Brigade or Swallow the Sun should take a chance on this wayfare!

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