Vam band, release new single “Maledetto Orgoglio”

Wanikiya Record is pleased to present VAM They join the label’s roster and they do it in a big way! With their single “Maledetto Orgoglio”, extraordinary record, which from today, is available both in digital version (on all the best music stores)
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The band is officially founded in Rome in 2014 with Max (vocals) and Valerio “Male Wylde” (lead guitar) embodying the original core.
Later Giancarlo also joins on the second guitar and so the creative process begins to take shape.
Over the years, to complete the line-up, there have been several changes on bass and drums that have allowed the band to record and shoot the videos of the first singles of “Rock’n’Roll” (2018) and “On the Rock’n’Roll” (2018). (2018) and “Sulle Nuvole” (2020) and then publish online the EP “Quelli Come Noi” (2020).
Coming to the present day, 2021 turns out to be an important year: the line-up is consolidated with the arrival of Daniele on bass, then there is the participation to the selections and then to the finals of Sanremo Rock 2021 and finally the official quintet is completed with the enrollment of the last missing piece, that is Adriano “Jukka” on drums.
Looking to the future, the projects to come will be to give birth to the multitude of material written over the past years (especially during the lockdown) and to find their own space in the Italian music scene (and not).
VAM is a rock band that combines American hard rock sounds and atmospheres with those of 90’s Italian rock.

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