Victory Day – “It’s My Advantage” [Self Released]

Australian-based singer-songwriter/composer/multi-instrumentalist, originally from Melbourne, Australia & now living & creating on Magnetic Island in tropical far northern Australia.
Collating & releasing past musical works ranging from experimental to pop to neo-classical (all with their fair share of dramatic flairl) Victory Day, she focus on recording more contemporary works in the home studio.

“It’s My Advantage” is a song full of redundant atmosphere that enhances listening by creating, in fact, not the usual banal, nor even obvious, proposal, but something more unique than rare. A valuable track to listen to, which convinces for the simplicity and naturalness with which it is played, and which demonstrates how Victory Day knows how to move in its own musical environment, releasing an enthralling and intense work.

Once again, an example of how well-played music can make inroads in any form it can be proposed, giving a catchy song that easily remains imprinted in the mind.

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