Video and album for Lisle Engle, out now

Burbank, CA based multi-instrumentalist, sound-designer / supervisor / composer, singer-songwriter, and President of TFK Studios LISLE ENGLE showcases his alt-rock polish with his music video for “Experts,” off of his newest LP, Medicine Man.

“Experts” is a timely take on all of the political punditry surrounding the evolving attitudes toward the Covid pandemic and the shadowy forces that push fear and ever changing science narratives into popular culture daily. Recorded at TFK Studios in Burbank, CA, this second single release from the album Medicine Man features Lisle Engle questioning the supposed truths from society’s traditionally accepted information sources. The song “Experts” pulls back the curtain for the listener and leaves reality to be decided by themselves… thinking outside of the normal news feeds and ranting talking heads. As time has passed, many have noticed that what was taken for unshakeable truth at the beginning of the pandemic turned out to be not as rock solid as everyone thought.

Lisle has something to say about it. Once again, his killer lineup of amazing lead guitarists for Medicine Man album doesn’t disappoint. Enlisted on “Experts” as well as two other songs on the album is Chris Rife, an accomplished composer in Hollywood, who throws down with lots of tasty licks in the vein of the recently passed Eddie Van Halen. Another notable aspect of this track is the use of a simulated “news report” in the middle section of the song where Lisle includes his assessment of how the systems of government in California failed him and millions of other citizens caught up in the throes of the Covid lockdowns. It’s both hilarious and sadly accurate in calling out the multiple screw ups that Californians and others experienced at the hands of the “Experts”.

The music video, built from stock footage and edited by Engle, compliments the lyric and helps to expand the conceptual nature of the song and the rest of the Medicine Man album. Have you ever thought that the powers that be aren’t exactly looking out for you and your family? Have you noticed that the government narrative around Covid is constantly changing? Are you sick of watching the “Experts” back track and recalculate their mandates for your life when there’s a clear track record of their own hypocrisy, second guessing and constantly moving goalposts? If you answered yes to any one of these, then this new single is something you should hear!

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