Violent Life Death streaming forthcoming album

Metallic Hardcore heavyweights VIOLENT LIFE VIOLENT DEATH have partnered with Decibel for the premiere of forthcoming album Break.Burn.End. Stream the album below!


VIOLENT LIFE VIOLENT DEATH have reached a new level of intensity on their most assaultive release yet with Break.Burn.End, which will be released September 15 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats via Innerstrength Records.

Track Listing:
1. Weapon of Pain
2. The Snapping of Teeth
3. Deceit Welcomed by Blind Grace
4. Devastation on the Tip of the Tongue
5. The Light Behind
6. Break. Burn. End.
7. Saying Your Name is to Choke on Ash
8. Maintain the Quiet
9. Heaven so Far Away
10. Come Armageddon
Vocals – Scott Cowan  
Guitar – Joseph Benham 
Guitar – Daniel Knight 
Bass – Justin Campbell  
Drums – David Holquin

Violent Life Violent Death from Charlotte, NC broke out on the scene in mid-2016 from the ashes of Deception of A Ghost and A Stained Glass Romance, offering a blend of hardcore and metal, viciously summoning influences reminiscent of Zao, with an in-your-face, chaotic, Every Time I Die-like edge. The band released V-EP (2016) that Lambgoat dubbed “a formidable debut,” and Come, Heavy Breath (2018) that MetalSucks describes as “a Molotov cocktail of metallic hardcore.”
Two EPs followed: Sadness Rains (2019) and The Color of Bone (2020).The title track from Sadness Rains has racked up just under 1,000,000 plays on Spotify. The Color Of Bone demonstrated a continued evolution of the band as they further hone their craft, while still maintaining their unique sound. The Color Of Bone offered up heavy, vicious, metallic hardcore for lovers of Zao, Ringworm, and that h8000 sound.

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