Visionoir – “The Second Coming” [Revalve Records]

Alessando Sicur is an Italian musician active since the late nineties and this “The Second Coming” is his second and last full-length branded Visionoir, released at the end of September last year. Within this album we can find a hybrid between dark/doom metal sounds and modern temptations, which bring back some illustrious names of the Italian scene of the past (Paul Chain, Tony Tears and others).

But which are then connected to a very linked to the present, avant-garde and progressive metal. The keyboards are used a lot to create an ethereal and dark sound, while the choice of using unusual instruments such as the saxophone in some tracks is also winning. Visionoir therefore offers us a visionary album, dark, closed in on itself, but at the same time very fascinating and rich in nuances.

Clearly to be able to grasp all the passages of this album, ranging from prog metal to almost pure electronics in Kraftwerk style or early Depeche Mode, you have to listen with an open mind and without prejudices.

A really beautiful album that we feel we can recommend to those who hate banality in art. I honestly believe that Visionoir represents something really interesting, not only in Italy, but in the world. A great one man band that plays what they want without following prefabricated patterns. Good job!

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