Voidchaser – “Star-Crossed Lovers” [Self Released]

Voidchaser is a progressive metal band based in Montreal and Stockholm. With their latest single “Star Crossed-Lovers,” they continue to push the boundaries of the genre. The track features the band’s characteristic blend of complex patterns, intense riffs, and haunting melodies, echoing influences from iconic acts like Opeth, Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, and Haken.

The band’s lineup includes Chad Bernatchez on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jeffrey Lehberg on lead guitar, Jici LG on bass and synthesizer, and André Ouellette on drums. Together, they exhibit a remarkable synergy, mastering the art of delivering both heavy and dynamic musical experiences. “Odyssey,” their debut EP released on February 2, 2024, encapsulates this ethos perfectly.

It invites listeners into a cosmic narrative of interstellar love and tyrannic power, showcasing Voidchaser’s prowess in crafting intricate compositions and otherworldly rhythms. Dive into the captivating universe of Voidchaser and experience their journey through the realms of progressive metal.

“Star-Crossed Lovers”, is a nice proposal, which shows a good technical mastery in the genre to be proposed. Energetic and gritty general sound, with an aggressive and at the same time sharp vocal line. An intense and well-constructed general atmosphere where the dynamics make listening even more compelling and exalting.

“Star-Crossed Lovers”, involves the listener by dragging him into a suggestive dimension that gives off excellent vibrations through scratchy guitars, which give a remarkable sound impact.

Voidchaser , certainly has excellent potential to be able to propose original and not at all obvious ideas, surprising the listener in a positive way, managing to give even more a beautiful injection of energy.

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