VoidKeeper releases new single, “Bleed Into Eternity”

“Bleed Into Eternity” intricately weaves a narrative depicting the ancient gods and their sacrificial legacy. Delving into the essence of sacrifice for a greater purpose, the song immerses listeners in a chilling realm resonating with banshee-like screams, thunderous bass lines, and relentless blast beats. As the track progresses, it intensifies, symbolizing the pivotal moment of sacrifice. The bridge leads into a progressive yet foreboding exploration of the emotional journey entailed in offering oneself to the divine.

The song culminates in a fading conclusion, a breakdown capturing the perpetual decay of the sacrificial subject, seamlessly paving the way for the next track on the album. Drawing from the roots of Blackened death metal with nuances of classic metal and doom, “Bleed Into Eternity” transcends genres, conjuring a wall of sound that seems born from the eerie depths of New England’s forests.

Embodying this musical saga are rich, evocative guitar tones intertwined with heavy, distorted bass lines and dissonant vocals, collectively creating an ominous atmosphere steeped in doom. Complementing these elements are the traditional heavy metal drum patterns, acting as the unifying force that propels the track into its own chaotic dimension.

From the depths of New England’s heart, VOIDKEEPER emerges as a formidable force within the realm of Blackened Doom Metal. Hailing from Massachusetts, this metallic entity is primed to unleash a tempest that sculpts faces, wreaks havoc, and ignites a furious storm amidst the void we navigate as life.

Rooted in the rich tapestry of traditional heavy metal and doom metal, VOIDKEEPER interlaces these foundations with the distinct gravitas of black metal vocals and the ferocious riffage reminiscent of death metal. A symphony of brutality melds the classic essences of death, black, and doom metal, fusing together into an explosive amalgamation.

Their sonic arsenal encompasses captivating grooves that seize the listener, entwined with blackened melodies that cast an entrancing spell. Amidst this maelstrom, punishing death riffs serve as the arsenal’s edge, cutting through the very fabric of sound. On June 15th, 2022, they unfurled their inaugural EP titled “Eternal Decay,” gifting the world a glimpse into their cataclysmic artistry.


Alexander Gunn – Guitarist

Mark Cerundolo – Drums

Bowen Staines – Bassist

Garreth Colm Byrne – Vocalist

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