We Are Ava release the debut album “Inner Gardening”

After 3 years of hard work, various releases, tours and events… the debut album “Inner Gardening” is finally ready!
Inner Gardening – the cultivation of one’s own inner garden. This is how the 11 pop songs of the debut album of the newcomer trio WE ARE AVA can be summarized, which process all the ups and downs of one’s own being in a surprisingly direct and outspoken way.

Shortly after the electro-pop band released their debut EP “Feel Them Listening.” in fall 2019, they jumped right back into songwriting, focusing on the examination of themselves, everyday life, insecurities, the beautiful and difficult moments and their direct, pointed capture in words and sounds. In addition, the three AVAs placed value on developing themselves further through different working methods and inputs. As a result, the productions were created through various collaborations at home and abroad, as well as in complete threesomeness.

Despite clear stylistic confidence, Inner Gardening trumps through different colors with strong power tracks like Won’t Do It Again or Conquer Me, spherical synth anthems like You Unfollowed Me or No More, but also through quieter sounds with the heartbreaking ballad Mine or in more conciliatory gusto with Sorta Kinda Really Into You and Give Me That Love. Hovering over all the songs is a longing for balance and inner peace, but also an eagerness for passion, adventure and discovering something new.
The metaphor of “inner gardening” inspired WE ARE AVA throughout their music and translates into the artwork as well as the various videos that visually accompany each song on the album. To depict this, the trio shot a stripped version of the song More Than You Like Me with a string quartet live in a greenhouse to close out the album.

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