We The Sun – “Marionette” [Self Released]

Bone-rattling bass lines, Corgan-esque guitar, intense drumming, and exciting vocals come together to defy the limitations of a typical three-piece ensemble. We The Sun are a dynamic blend of robust riffs, emotive solos, relentless rhythms, and captivating melodies, offering a diverse sonic experience for all who listen.

“Marionette”, manages to drag the listener towards rhythms with an Alternative Punk Rock flavour, making wise use of that pleasantly intense and enthralling component which seems to be the main ingredient of this proposal.

We The Sun, with this single, demonstrate that they know how to move in their environment too often navigated by banal and obvious proposals, while in this case we are faced with a proposal, original and careful not to neglect any detail to propose a track that wins and convinces.

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