What is TEC, sign with WormHoleDeath Records

What is TEC, a modern metal band from Istanbul, Turkey, has joined forces with WormHoleDeath Records for the release of their debut album “GENODIFIED” on November the 11th, 2020.
“This album is a distress call carrying out the tale of mankind to whomever it may reach. A theme of dark/modern/ambient narration mixed with savage storytelling” as the band stated. The album “GENODIFIED” is a blend of metal genres such as Death Metal/Hardcore/Deathcore and Metalcore.

Band statement :

“We are proud to have the feeling of fulfillment for being part of the Wormholedeath family. It is a great pleasure for us to be able to share our story with the world and having Wormholedeath Records beside us with their unending support.” What is TEC is ready to explode!


  1. Behind The Moon
  2. The Disguise
  3. Silver Path
  4. Rain Planet
  5. Mute in the Mirror
  6. No Wonder
  7. River Ruler
  8. Panic Attack
  9. Ego Colossal
  10. Deserter
  11. Legacy

What is TEC? appears like a question at first glance but is it really? Could it be a disguised answer carrying meaning hidden from the sore eye? or it may be not as complicated as one would think. Let’s get closer, shall we? “What is TEC” metal band formed by 5 members of “human” species. All of the members residing in Istanbul/Turkey one of the most exotic and interesting places on earth to start such a journey as those soils have seen the clash of many cultures. What is TEC? might be the answer to all conflicts about this culture blend. Its members have been in many different projects in different music genres not necessarily “Metal” only but “Electronic” music too. All of them have proved themselves over the years in the Turkish Metal Scene and now they are together, “What is TEC ?” might be the answer for questions like “What is a ROOF ? or What is a FAMILY ?” Now the journey has started, the mission is to carry out their stories as far as possible.


Kerem Dinçer – Vocals
Feyzi Ocak – Guitars
Genosix – Electronics
Barbaros Pakar – Bass
Tolga Şanlı – Drums

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