Whatafuck – “Stronger than God” [Ghost Record Label]

Whatafuck is an Italian metal band formed in 2020 in Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia).
The band stands out for its disturbing look by covering its face with black theatrical masks that portray absent and cold, inexpressive features.
Wanted and created entirely by Davide Giorgi (singer and bassist on stage but also composer and author of the lyrics), the Whatafuck project never reveals the identity of the other 3 members of the band which constantly change creating an aura of mystery and always bringing new life to the project.

“Stronger than God” is the debut album, a personal crusade against all kinds of religion, considered by himself as a ploy to trick the world.
The project in question doesn’t present any kind of novelty, because listening to the eight tracks, you can find Soulfly influences and in some circumstances, also given the use of synths, Limp Bizkit.
The intensity with which the guitar is played generates thick walls that are highlighted with the good work of the voice that is aggressive and shouted. The picture is completed with a drums that together with the bass line amplify the general sound, creating a sound atmosphere, which weighs like a boulder.

The technical and compositional gift of Whatafuck is undisputed, however, it lacks an extra pinch of originality, which would not be spoiled to often avoid certain combinations that are too often found in this genre of music that Whatafuck defines as Urban Modern Metal.
Without detracting from the rest of the album, the tracks that still impressed us are “El Sonido Del Mal”, “Down To The Cross” and “Fuck”. We are confident in a return of Whatafuck with a more original and more detailed proposal to try to make a more personal musical identity.


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