Whatafuck, stronger than God

Whatafuck is an Italian metal band formed in 2020 in Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia).
The band stands out for its disturbing look by covering its face with black theatrical masks that portray absent and cold, inexpressive features.
Wanted and created entirely by Davide Giorgi (singer and bassist on stage but also composer and author of the lyrics), the Whatafuck project never reveals the identity of the other 3 members of the band
which constantly change creating an aura of mystery and always bringing new life to the project.
Whatafuck’s musical style is all about groove, an urban modern metal that recalls bands like Biohazard, Machine Head of the 90s, Slipknot(before i forget), Static X and Soulfly
but with melodic moments that can remind Linkin Park but also Godsmack and even the darkest Depeche Mode.
The recordings of the first album took place at the VDB studios in Trieste during the hardest lockdown and subsequently produced and mixed by Lorenzo Gavinelli at the Zero Point Energy Recording in New York.

MWZ: Hi there, first of all, tel us something about Whatafuck
WTF: After having played in the best bands of the Triestine genre since 93, I was tired of dealing with prima donnas, continuous line up changes and quarrels: whatafuck was born from the desire to evolve into something that totally depends on me and that is metal like it is. I mean 100%.

MWZ: “Stronger than god” ! Tell us something about this new release
WTF: Each “stronger than god” song tells a different story even though they are all part of a concept. In the song Inferno, for example, I speak of a demon who offers success in exchange for the soul, an old story but in this case it is a metaphor that explains how man is able to give everything away to have that extra something that is always missing.
Watch me is a poetic vision of the world around us dominated by a hypothetical God who watches but does nothing to help us. Down to the cross instead tells of a decidedly human Christ who, put to the test by heat, thirst and fanatics, wonders if all this makes sense just to make his father win the universal dispute between the two forces at stake. .
Sketched in a few days in demo versions and then between recording and post production about 3 months have passed.
The disc is digitally distributed worldwide but above all in physical version (I still find it nice to have a well-finished product in terms of graphics and booklet with texts) on the Ghost record label website.
or on the band’s Facebook page.

MWZ: Why do you use a mask as image ?
The masks try to create a more theatrical atmosphere and gives me the possibility to change the members of the band more easily
that follows me live, thus keeping the attention of the public on the music and not on the musicians. No prima donnas.

MWZ: God or Evil ?
Neither, I just tried to highlight by using demons, preachers and ghosts as metaphors, how religions and sects have managed to take away people’s free will, so
I try to give help with the power of words and music to those people who try to get out of it or in any case to have their own thoughts.

MWZ: Which bands has influenced your sound ?
My influences are the great metal / nu metal bands of the 90s, Machine Head, Slipknot, Korn, Deftones, Mudvayne, Sepultura but absurdly, the band that melodically influenced me the most was Depeche Mode and they tell me that in some choruses feels.

MWZ: How do you live this Look Down ?
I spend the various lockdowns closed in my recording studio to compose new songs and practice on the instruments .. especially the voice and the drums, where the little practice is deleterious.

MWZ: How do you create a song ? First the lyric or the song ?
The songs are born from my improvisations with various instruments, then I put above the vocal lines and sketch the lyrics .. the words take their own path with time. A sort of automatic Outing.

MWZ: How is changed the music scenery from you started make music ?
I started playing in 93 and everything has changed since then. Now you have to pay to play .. the records are almost always self-produced and the bands that are left show great passion; let’s support them!

MWZ: When Whatafuck will come back on stage
The whatafuck project is fresh .. I plan to start a tour early next year or in any case when all this “staging” is over which is killing many sectors including music and entertainment in general.

MWZ: That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
To those who take their first steps in music, especially metal, I want to advise them to take care, in addition to music, to look and to choose travel companions less for technical skills and more for attitude. The risk is to fall into the stereotype of the band that does not entertain live because it does not entertain. Remember that playing live is still a show. Would you like to see the Korns playing still, looking at a fixed point, dressed as losers? I do not think so. Take a cue from your myths!

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