White Walls releases new music video for “Month’s End”

Critically acclaimed Romanian progressive metal band White Walls returns with a new single and music video for the song “Month’s End”. “Month’s End” is the 3rd single from “Grandeur” , the band’s most recent album. The new video has been directed by Majii and represents the visualization of the concept behind the song.

Hailing from the Romanian shores of the Black Sea, the progressive metal outfit White Walls was founded in 2009. The band’s sound has been associated with diverse groups, such as Leprous, The Ocean, Opeth, Tool and Karnivool. White Walls often intertwine elements of darkness and light with relentless riffs, melancholic chords and a balanced mix between restlessness and restraint.

“Grandeur” opened a whole new spectrum of musical pathways and unleashed a more mature sound compared to the band’s past studio efforts. The band got the talented Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Make Them Suffer, Animals as Leaders) to take care of mixing and mastering. Both the album as well as the previous singles have been successful, motivating the band to try a new visual approach.

About the concept behind the song, guitarist Dasu comments: “After releasing the first two singles “Starfish Crown” and “Eye For An I”, we wanted to showcase another side of the album, a more dynamic one. We chose to bring to light the songs which define us the most and the circle is completed by adding “Month’s End” to the triad. ”

Discussing the music video, Dasu adds: “We all understand our songs differently, so I am going to write about what “Month’s End” means to me. I feel it’s about our inner struggles, the war within the different sides of our own personality,. The video is a perfect extension to the song, as it illustrates its ideas and concept very well. We constantly fight with ourselves, who wins in the end?

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