Without Warning releases their first single and music video “Delusion”

Inspired by arrangements and fusions in modern day music, Without Warning has found a balanced yet memorable style. By combining heavy and melodic elements, Without Warning brings an own style to the pop-metal scene. The first single and music video Delusion by this Finnish Turku-based band is released today via Inverse Records.

Guitarist Juuso Javanainen comments:
“The first single “Delusion” is a versatile and interesting ensemble with its dynamically changing parts. It is finished with strong pop-vocals as you dive into the theme of a delusional world. In the single you can also hear the finishing touch brought by Pontus Hjelm (guitarist/producer Dead By April) in the electronic sounds, mixing and mastering.”


Vocals: Michaela Tuomenoksa
Guitars: Juuso Javanainen
Bass: Joakim Keuru
Drums: Lauri Tuomenoksa

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