X-Empire releases complex and emotional single against war and inner demons

Within the more modern metal, currently one of the best brazilian bands in this segment, X-Empire, who now count with the experienced drummer – and also Studio 3 producer (@studio3tres) – André Luis, besides Michel Villares (vocal/producer), Emerson Soares (bass) and Andre Silva (guitar) in the line-up, have released their newest single for the complex and emotional song “My Demons”, whose theme is a metaphor against all kinds of wars, including also the daily battle against the inner demons that haunt great part of humanity.

Listen to “My Demons” at https://onerpm.link/733228337403

Michel Villares, singer, producer and also responsible for the lyrics of “My Demons”, was initially influenced by the conflict in Ukraine and Russia, creating an anti-war theme trying, in some way, to show solidarity with the people of these countries, but as the theme developed other forms of war were being addressed. “Not only the war for territory, which is already something unacceptable in today’s world, but the fight against the ghosts of depression and suicide were incorporated into the story”, Michel comments. “Life is already like a battlefield, an inner war, so it was a way to achieve catharsis. The tip is always to forgive yourself for those you couldn’t save, as there are situations that the outcomes are not up to us”, he concludes.

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