X-EMPIRE stirs deep feelings in impressive new single

The Brazilian band X-Empire, based in São Paulo, who give us a modern and hybrid sound of Prog Metal, Groove Metal, Djent, Metalcore and even Pop, released on February 9 a new single entitled “Replacing (Where We Started)”, in honor of the father of the lead singer and producer of the band, Michel Villares, Mr. João dos Santos Villares, who passed away in 2013.

Listen on digital platforms at https://onerpm.link/923389432465

The lyrics of “Replacing (Where We Started)” talk about replacing people who cannot be replaced like damaged parts. In it, songwriter Michel Villares talks about a son mourning the loss of his father, coming to the conclusion that nothing will ever occupy that place inside his heart.

“It’s a lyric that talks about the ease of “replacing” people or exchanging the right for the doubtful. It also reflects, at least for me, an irreplaceable memory of the one who put me in this world, my father, and, because of this, I created this personal tribute showing all my nostalgia for these 10 years without his physical presence. It was my way of spreading what he taught me: a tireless perseverance! Thanks for everything Dad! For all of you who unfortunately had losses like mine, this song is for you”, says Michel.

With sharp musicianship and production, the singer/producer continues, “The song is evolution, always getting out of the bubble and seeing how far we can get. It was composed in December 2019 and was an experimentation between Metalcore, Djent and Pop, where we sought modern elements in its essence to sound different from everything we’ve done so far. I am quite satisfied with the result”.

With cover art by Romulo Dias, from RDD Artwork (@rdd.artwork), we have from several angles how impossible it is to replace something or someone fundamental in our lives: in vision (not seeing), in the heart (no longer being able to love on this plane) and in touch (not being able to touch and feel). “Basically it is impossible to replace what motivates us to be better”, commented the artist.

In the vision of bassist Emerson Pereira“Replacing (Where We Started)” is a very different song from what the band has composed so far, whose main idea was to bring a more melodic vocal line, with some leaner and cleaner arrangements, showing X-Empire‘s new creative approaches and reinforcing the maturation process of their sound. “This sound was well balanced with Michel’s gutturals and the catchy chorus that he has been specializing in. I am also very pleased with the result and for having plenty of space to create the bass lines, especially in the chorus part”, he commented.

“Replacing (Where We Started)” also marks Ricky Franco‘s debut on guitar, keyboards and additional production, as Ricky has always been Michel Villares’ right-hand man at M&H Studios. “Without him, this song wouldn’t have turned out the way it did!”, praises Michel.

Ricky Franco comments, “X-Empire started working on this song in 2019, and I was even helping with the production, but for various reasons it was only released now. I assume I was happy about this, because I had the opportunity to be invited by Michel to join the band and work on it, too, as a musician. I have always been a fan of the band and I loved being a part of their music production, but now I am even happier to be part of the team!”.

“This song was released on February 9 in honor of Mr. João, Michel’s father, who passed away 10 years ago, and who always loved our songs and always supported us a lot. I say “us” because I have been a friend of Michel’s for more than 20 years and we have many projects together. We founded M&H Studios together and in the meantime I got to know his father very well and I have a lot of affection for his entire family”, concludes Ricky.

Expect a music video for “Replacing (Where We Started)” soon and the new EP “Catharsis” sooner than you think, because the X-Empire machine never stops!

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