Zhaklina – “Game Over” [Self Released]

Zhaklina, originally from New York and of Albanian, Irish and Greek descent, is an Independent, Alternative Pop artist. She moved to Nashville in January, 2018 where she explored her career options and blossomed into the creative artist and performer she is today. Her love of music started as a child and grew as she poured her heart into choirs, musical theatre, and a cappella groups throughout her life. She found her passion for writing in middle school when she was asked to write a short fiction story about romance and adventure.

She was specifically fond of dramatic literature, poetry, and story-telling. This soon turned into songwriting as she began to express herself through music and writing in her teenage years. After graduating college, Zhaklina tied for first place in the 2015 “The Audition” singing competition with Hudson Valley, NY radio station K104.7. She went on to perform at KFEST that year, meeting several record executives and gaining the confidence to pursue her dream of making music her career.

After several years of development and feeling as though her genre was difficult to put into one category, she decided to label her music as Alternative Pop. Soulful power with an edgy approach, her music insists on authentic connection and meaningful experiences. She is notorious for her captivating vocals, poetically emotive lyricism, and inspiring messages of mental well being.

“Game Over” , the new single, sounds like a classic Alternative Rock, well enhanced by an energetic voice that pumps up the atmosphere, something decidedly original, engaging and overwhelming, a proposal that can be listened to with extreme ease and naturalness.

A dynamic trend where grit and body blend together thanks to a good glue made of refined sounds well adapted to the musical context that embellish the listening. The general sound creates an excellent sound impact thanks to a good synergy between the elements that form the band.

A listening that reveals good technical and compositional skills, and that demonstrates how Zhaklina knows how to move with familiarity in their musical environment.

“Game Over”, lays the foundations on really spot on metrics and riffs, managing to dose a mass of sounds that give concreteness and a sound mature enough to get noticed and appreciated.

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