Marco Porrà, known as MPM Producer, has dropped, back in May 2020, his debut EP titled “Reborn”. Months after the release of this EP, Marco is back to reveal the story behind it, from the creation of his solo musical project to the composition of this EP (writing, production, mixing…).

“I was in the UK for two weeks. I had finally found a new house after the first week being in a mid-range hotel, already working for a low-cost travel company. I was quite depressed. Changing work, friends and country… it’s never easy, but it is probably harder after you pass your 30s.

I had been in a punk rock band for 10 years, studied experimental music at the Conservatory, in my hometown. And also opened a little studio to make music for agencies, music supervisors and so on. While I was in Sardinia, doing part-time jobs and spending all the time that I had in my studio, my goal was to make a living with music. But at the age of thirty (don’t get surprised, in Italy it’s pretty common), I realized that, unfortunately, the path was still very long. I needed a full time job in order to have more money to invest. For a few months I was not making music but studying for this new job. I made it, I had my job secured and I moved to the UK.

After a few months without making music, I started wondering why having a full time job should stop me from making music. I went from having a (small) studio, to having a single pc and a guitar. And from a small acoustic room, to a place where I could not make a lot of noise.

I was surprised how “Migrant Worker” was born. After five years, more or less, I was back into a song creation process, just to spit out some anger. My whole life changed in less than three months, I was angry, I needed to put out emotions in a strong way. That’s when I figured out that maybe it was time for me to go solo. Now there was a problem: I started wondering: “What type of music should I do?”. A friend of mine once told me: “First thing first, if you want to make it in music, you need to do something that nobody has done before”. Strong statement. And rebuttable, I would say.

The name was there already, because I was working on all the music stuff I mentioned. MPM Producer would have been the summary of all my previous experiences in music. Maybe mixing punk rock with modern vibes like trap, dubstep or urban atmospheres would have been the key to find my personal way into a solo project. The concept was definitely clear in a blink of an eye: I felt reborn. Reborn in finding my personal solo project. Reborn because I found new motivations, new ideas.

Reborn EP is my first EP; I decided to take care of it from the beginning to the end. I wrote the lyrics, made the arrangements and recorded it. I did the production and the mixing. I did everything except playing drums and doing the mastering. It was very challenging but at least, I know this is 110% my way, my personality, my music.

I hope you can enjoy this EP and you can remember that staying true to ourselves is hard sometimes, but it pays off. Maybe money will arrive later, maybe not, but I’m talking about something more important than money here.”

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